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Born 1956, single, no children. Good health, non-smoker, vegetarian, relatively sober. Presentable, calm and easy to get on with. Driver's license, crane certificate and forklift truck certificate. Clean criminal record.

1973 (Equivalent to) Grammar school, Købmagergade Skole, Fredericia.
1978 Smith, ER Industri A/S.
1984-89 Higher Preparatory Examination, VUC, Fredericia.
1989-92 Studied German at the Open University, Jysk Åbent Universitet.
1994 Commercial correspondent (German), Southern Denmark Business School.
1995 Commercial correspondent (English), Southern Denmark Business School.
1997 Specialised Language Diploma + BA (English), Southern Denmark Business School.
2000 Specialised Language Diploma (German), University of Southern Denmark.

Courses attended
1978-84 Various courses at the Home Guard.
1981 Pipe welding course, Vejle Technical School.
1993 2 modules of a technical college training: Quality control and business economics, Fredericia-Middelfart Technical School.
1993-94 "HE course": Word processing (WordPerfect), Fredericia Commercial School.
1994 PC usage course, Fredericia Commercial School.
1995 "HE course": Database (Access), Fredericia Commercial School.
1999 Initiator course (for newly established enterprises), the business development offices in Vejle county / Technological Information Centre.
1999 Hooking course, Adult Vocational Training Centre, Kolding.
1999 Class C crane certification course (for travelling cranes and gantry cranes), Adult Vocational Training Centre, Kolding.
1999 Class B forklift truck certification course, Adult Vocational Training Centre, Vejle.
2000 "HE-course": Information search on the Internet, Fredericia-Middelfart Handelsskole.
2000 "HE-course": Web assistant, Fredericia-Middelfart Handelsskole.
2001 PowerPoint, Fredericia-Middelfart Handelsskole.
2001 WinAlign, Trados Scandinavia (Copenhagen).
2001 WorkSpace, Trados Scandinavia (Copenhagen).
2002 Interpreting (part of the study for a master's degree in German), Aarhus School of Business.
2002 European Political Economic Integration (part of the study for a master's degree in German), Aarhus School of Business.
2003 Medical English (supplementary module for the Specialised Language Diploma in English), Aarhus School of Business in cooperation with Novo Nordisk A/S.
2005 Interpreter Ethics, seminar at Aarhus School of business.
2008 Web Word System, Web Word System ApS, Kolding.
2010 Rough stock riding, Rodeo America, Griesheim, Germany (clinic at the start of each season).

Computer knowledge
Windows, MS Office
Adobe Acrobat, FrameMaker, PageMaker
Miscallaneous CAT programmes

1973-74 Factory boy at Domino (fitted kitchen manufacturer)
1975-78 Apprentice at ER Industri A/S
1978-83 Worked as a journeyman smith:
  1978-81 ER Industri A/S
  1981 Nielsen & Christophersens Maskinfabrik
  1982 Fredericia Rør- og Stålmontage
  1982 Per Petersen Montage A/S
  1982-83 Monberg & Thorsen A/S
  1983 Brdr. Petersen
1984-95 A/S Dansk Rørindustri, first 6 months in fittings dept., then quality dept., however foreman in fittings dept. 1989. Task: Quality control and documentation. DRI was ISO 9002 certified in 1992.
1995 Worked for temp agencies
  May-June Agency: Elite Vikar. Customer: Babcock Rohrleitungsbau GmbH. Task: Documentation.
  July-Nov. Agency: Sejersen Vikar. Customer: SFK Meat Systems a.m.b.a. Task: Translation of manuals and quotations. 6 short jobs, subsequently employed by the customer.
  Oct. Agency: Elite Vikar. Customer: ASG Dan Cargo. Task: Manual warehouse work.
1995 Commercial correspondent at SFK Meat Systems a.m.b.a. Main task: Writing and translation of quotations, order confirmations and plant descriptions, and ordinary correspondence. Secondary task: Reception. Reference: Mr Thorvald Tønnesen.
1998 ... Freelance translator under the name Stone Translation (part-time since 1994).
1999 Supplemented Stone Translation with evening job at Ib Andresen Industri A/S for 4 months. Task: Packaging and internal transport.

· Komma - en hjælp eller en plage? Article in Mål & Mæle 1996/1.
· Nuclear Power - A Desirable Energy Source? Special paper at Southern Denmark Business School 1996.
· Befri dansk fra det tyske komma! Article in Morgenavisen Jyllands-Posten 12 December 1996.
· Adstantiver: en ny ord klasse i dansk? Article in Mål & Mæle 1998/1.
· Subjektakkusativ. Article in Mål & Mæle 1999/1.
· Freiberufler - Die Freibeuter unserer Zeit. Special paper at Southern Denmark University 1999.
· Kommaholikere. Article in Morgenavisen Jyllands-Posten 5 March 2001.
· Vejen af hvilken. Article in Mål & Mæle 2002/2.
· Komma eller ikke komma. Article in Morgenavisen Jyllands-Posten 28 July 2004.

Leisure time
Until 1985 Platoon commander in the Danish Home Guard.
1991-92 Editor of literary quotation competition in the newspaper Fredericia Dagblad.
1989 and 1993 City council candidate for the Socialist People's Party.
2005 ... Dancing at Whitehat Linedancers.
2007 ... Rodeo.
2008 ... Member of the country music club Country Truckstop Danmark.
2010-15 Riding at Fredericia Sportsrideklub (previously Fredericia Rideklub).